Toy Chests

The box above was made with solid hard maple.  Hindged lids are heavy and are prone to slamming down at the wrong moment. For this piece I cut the top into sections that slide out so no fingers get caught.  These toy boxes last a lifetime.  They hold toys for children and go off to college.

Toy Chests are priced between $300 - $500.

Toy Chests

I made this toy box from wood given to me by a good friend.  He cut down the tree while clearing a field on a farm in southern Indiana 20 years ago. 

The wood is sassafras and it grows along fence rows in the midwest.  Frequenty wire fencing grows into the tree making it difficult to harvest and mill commercially so it is not a very well known wood.  This tree was cut well above the top of the fence and sawn into slabs that were air dried in the hog barn.  

Sassafras smells a little like root beer and has nice luster that reflects light at different angles.  There is a slight greenish tint to it. I cut dovetails to hold to corners together and I used some of the edge wood to make handles.  Notice the bright orange color just under the bark.

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