Taliesin Batten Co.

I made these benches for a client that has a 36 inch high dining table.  The challenge was to match the color and style of existing furniture.

The benches are 24 inches high. The seat is 15 inches wide and 56 inches long. Birch was selected for the seat because it easily accepts stain and most closely matched the wood in the existing table. Joinery on the base is mortise and tenon. Ash was chosen for the base because of its strength and clear grain. The seat is attached to the base with clips to allow the single panel to expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity.


This bench is made from hickory which is a tough and hard wood.  The legs are joined to the seat using mortise and tenons.  The concept behind mortise and tenon joinery is thousands of years old is an extremely strong way to join two pieces of wood together.  Look at the end grain of the legs as they extend through the seat.  

End grain is harder than surface grain so when I sanded the bench the end grain stands proud and has a nice tactile feel when you rub your hand over the surface.  

Benches are priced between $100 and $150